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#302 : On ne sait jamais

David et Rico ne s’entendent pas au sujet de l’enterrement d’un télé prospecteur récemment décédé. Claire découvre qu'elle a plus de points communs avec un de ses amis étudiant en art qu'avec Phil; Ruth, alors qu'elle rend visite à sa sœur Sarah, rencontre une nouvelle amie, Bettina; David et Keith essayent un nouveau mode de vie en couple et Carol continue de rendre la vie impossible à Lisa.

Titre VO
You Never Know

Titre VF
On ne sait jamais

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Keith et David plus unis que jamais

Keith et David plus unis que jamais

Claire joue sur plusieurs tableaux

Claire joue sur plusieurs tableaux

Moment complice entre les frères Fisher et Keith

Moment complice entre les frères Fisher et Keith

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Scene: Joe Marti's Kitchen/Ameritech Office

A balding middle-aged guy, JOE MARTI, stands by his kitchen counter, reading the instructions on a packet of macaroni. He picks up a pot, fills it with water, and sets it on the stove. He tries to turn the light on under the pot, but it won’t go on. He sighs, takes out a box of kitchen matches, and strikes one just as the phone rings. He answers.

Joe: Hello?

Telemarketer: Hi, may I speak with Joe Marti, please?

Joe: Speaking.

As they talk, JOE is still holding the lit match, ready to light the stove.

Telemarketer: Joe, glad I caught ya!

Joe: (crosses his eyes) Is this a sales call?

Telemarketer: I just wanted to let you know that a representative from Ameritech Vinyl Windows will be in your area…

Joe: I’m not interested.

Telemarketer: There’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything…

Joe: Look. (shakes out the match) I said no.

Telemarketer: For a limited time, we’re offering interest-free…

Joe: (lights a new match) Hey, goodbye, asshole!

Telemarketer: (suddenly, yelling in fear) Fuck, he’s got a gun!

JOE hears a loud gunshot from the other end of the phone, and stares at the receiver in shock. Cut to the Ameritech office, which is in a panic, people running and ducking, in terror, as a crazed 35 year old man, DANIEL GRANT SHOWALTER, stalks through the large office holding a pistol grip shotgun.

Man: Get down!

He picks off his victims, shattering a cubicle window as the guy there ducks for cover. As he walks through the middle of the office, one poor guy, MATTHEW CLARK HAZEN, stands frozen in fear.

Daniel: Hey, remember me?

He blasts MARTIN away, as terrified onlookers scream. He continues walking on. A blonde woman runs out of the way, and he shoots a young guy, MARTIN JACOBS, in the back. Then, he gets to ANDREW WAYNE MILNE, his former boss’, office. ANDREW is 51, a balding and thin. DANIEL bursts his door open.

Andrew: Daniel, what the hell—Oh my God!

ANDREW tries to push the door closed, but DANIEL gets through. A terrified woman cries in the corner, as ANDREW slowly backs up, his hands raised, pleading.

Andrew: Daniel, please! No, please!

Daniel: Fuck you!

He blasts DANIEL away. He slowly approaches the woman cowering in the corner. We see ANDREW’s bloody body hit the wall. She shivers and cries as he points the gun at her and fires 3 times. They’re all duds. He stares at the gun in disbelief, and takes out a .38 caliber revolver.

Woman: (crying) Oh, my God!

ANDREW, his face covered in DANIEL's blood, sticks the gun in his mouth and shoots. Quick cut to JOE, back in his kitchen, who has heard everything over the phone. He stands there, in awe and disbelief, still holding the lit match, which starts to burn low. It burns his hand. He winces and shakes it out.

Joe: Hello? Hello?

The screen fades to white.











Scene One: Lisa's Apartment/Carol's Bedroom, morning

MAYA giggles and coos in her crib, blissfully unaware of her parents quietly having sex behind her. NATE and LISA both lie under the covers, NATE behind LISA, thrusting. The sex is pretty passionless, kind of dull. He kisses LISA’s cheek as they hold hands.

Nate: (trying his best) This is okay?

Lisa: (whispers) Yeah.

Nate: You sure you’re comfortable?

Lisa: Aren’t you? Do you want to get on top?

He stops thrusting.

Nate: Well, I don’t have to. You want me to?

Lisa: If you want to. But I’m fine like this.

Nate: (looks up at the crib) Maya’s right there.

The phone rings.

Lisa: She’s not looking.

Nate: I know, but…

The phone rings again, and then the answering machine picks up.

Lisa’s Voice: Hi, this is Lisa…

Nate’s Voice: And Nate…

Lisa’s Voice: And Maya…C’mon, sweetie. (baby coos in the background) And we’re the Fisher family. Leave a message.

Nate starts thrusting again, and they breath heavily.

Carol’s Voice: Hi, Lisa, it’s Carol. Please pick up if you’re there.

They both pause, annoyed.

Carol’s Voice: I don’t know where else you could be. Both your cars are in my driveway.

They cross their eyes, and NATE devilishly starts thrusting again.

Carol’s Voice: Listen, I need muffins.

Cut to CAROL’s bedroom, where’s she sitting on the floor, reading “Variety” and talking on speakerphone.

Carol: Corn muffins. I had an intense craving for miniature corn muffins. (yells, pleads) Please! This is
my one hour a day to eat carbs.

Nate: (thrusting even harder) Shut up!

LISA laughs.

Carol: Stop ignoring me!

Nate: (whispers in LISA’s ear as they continue having sex) Don’t make her the muffins! Don’t make her the muffins!

Carol’s Voice: Hello!!!

Scene Two: David and Keith's Apartment

DAVID goes through the apartment, singing, "Flowers that Bloom in the Spring Tra-La" from Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado". He is really good.

David: (sings) The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la, we promise a merry sunshine/As we merrily dance and we sing, tra-la/ (stops by KEITH, who’s making breakfast, and comes close to his face as he sings) We welcome the hope that they bring, tra-la/Of a summer of roses and wine,/Of a summer of roses and wine!

Keith: (smiles, unenthusiastic) That’s great.

David: (smiles) And that’s what we mean when we say that a thing/Is welcome as flowers that bloom in the spring.

Keith: David—

David: (keeps singing) Tra la la la la la/Tra la la la la la

Keith: (sits down at the table, annoyed) David. It’s a little early.

David: Sorry. I just want to make sure I get it right. (pours himself coffee) Some of the guys in this chorus are so good. One of them even recorded with Chanticleer. (sits down at the table, too)

Keith: You sound great.

David: I even dreamed about singing last night.

Keith: You weren’t just dreaming.

DAVID looks at him, a little embarrassed.

Keith: (kidding, sings) Tra la la la la la.

David: Oh, God, punch me next time!

Keith: I did.

David: (notices that KEITH is sewing his uniform) What happened to your uniform?

Keith: I tore it getting a Frisbee out of a tree.

David: Why were you—

Keith: That’s what security guards do, David. We help people.

Scene Three: Fisher Kitchen

CLAIRE walks through the kitchen, carrying a covered canvas. RUTH sits at the table, clipping coupons.

Claire: I’m leaving.

Ruth: Do you think you’d like Beef Blast Pizza Rolls?

Claire: (stops dead in her tracks) Um, I doubt it.

Ruth: Me neither. But with a double coupon, it’s practically free. (CLAIRE stays frozen.) Maybe the boys will like them.

Claire: I might not be home tonight.

Ruth: Take a sweater.

CLAIRE leaves, a little relieved. The phone rings. The answering machine picks up.

Ruth’s Voice: You’ve reached the Fisher Family. Please leave a message.


Sarah’s Voice: Ruth, are you there? It’s Sarah. (RUTH stops what she’s doing and listens.) I’m just checking in on you. I know what a drag it is when you’re out of work. Thought you might want to come up to Topanga for the day. I could make some of Aunt May’s German potato salad. I know you like that. Call me. Bye!

Ruth: You liked her potato salad. I hated it.

She clips the pizza roll coupon with satisfaction.

Scene Four: Intake Room

DOROTHY MILNE, ANDREW’s widow, has an intake meeting with RICO, who is still very uncomfortable with doing this sort of thing.

Dorothy: It just…It just never occurs to you that a madman will walk into your husband’s office and suddenly…he’s gone.

Rico: No, of course not.

Dorothy: And then there’s telling the children. We have 2 girls, 12 and 16.

RICO nods.

Dorothy: What should I say to them? To make them feel better? What?

RICO looks at a loss.

Rico: Well, uh…you, you could.

NATE taps at the door, and enters.

Nate: Hello.

Rico: (bitterly) Glad you could make it. Nate, this is Dorothy Milne.

Nate: Nate Fisher.

He shakes her hand gently.

Rico: That’s my partner.

Nate: I am very sorry about your husband.

She starts to cry. He sits down next to her.

Nate: I know these are just words, but we’ll work together with you to give him a fitting tribute.

For the first time since she’s gotten here, DOROTHY feels truly comfortable and as if someone really cares about her.

Dorothy: (emotional) Thank you!

RICO can sense this too. As NATE picks up the paperwork, RICO stiffens again.

Rico: Everything’s already been taken care of. We’re done.

She looks down.

Nate: Okay. (to DOROTHY) Now, let me walk you to your car.

She smiles gently, looks up and nods at RICO, and leaves with NATE. RICO is annoyed again, for NATE coming in and so effortlessly helping this lady.

Scene Five: Phil's Apartment

CLAIRE and PHIL lie head to toe in his bed, sharing pillow talk.

Claire: I didn’t even go to my prom. (He laughs and nods.) If somebody asked me, I probably would’ve freaked out.

Phil: I took Nancy Pollard. She smelled like fried chicken.

Claire: (laughs) Why?

Phil: (joking) I don’t know. She just did.

She laughs.

Claire: I got a bottle of champagne with my friend, Parker, and we climbed the fence to school, and we just sat in the quad, and got drunk, and said good fucking bye to high school.

Phil: Nice!

Claire: Then we both totally started crying.

Phil: Why?

Claire: I don’t know. I guess we were like saying goodbye to our childhood, or whatever. It just seemed sad.

Phil: Yeah?

Claire: I mean, I hated fucking high school, but still, it was my life. And it was all I knew, and it was just over. God, could I be more pathetic?

Phil: (sits up) You’re not pathetic. You’re just sensitive.

Claire: I know. (sits up) I’m too sensitive.

Phil: No, you’re perfect.

They kiss.

Phil: What time do you have to get up?

Claire: Oh, oh, fuck, I have to get up in like 3 hours, and I haven’t even done the assignment yet. You keep distracting me.

Phil: I keep distracting you?

Claire: Yeah, my hands are like magnetically drawn to your dick!

They both laugh.

Phil: What is the assignment?

Claire: I have to read and critique some theoretical conceptual bullshit. They make you take all the boring classes with theory before they let you do anything cool with clay.

Phil: I know exactly how you feel.

Claire: No, you don’t.

Phil: That’s why I dropped out of music school. All I wanted to do was write great music, but they had me studying all this shit that had nothing to do with anything. They try to program your mind so you’re exactly like everybody else. Don’t let them do that to you. You’re too talented.

Claire: Do you think so?

Phil: What? You think I like you just ‘cause you have the softest skin I’ve ever felt?

Claire: (laughs, a little shy) I don’t know.

Phil: You’re amazing, Claire.

She looks into his eyes, and fully believes him. They start kissing again and sink back down to the bed.



Scene One: Lisa's Apartment, morning

LISA sits at the table, nursing MAYA. NATE walks up to her, holding a cup of coffee.

Nate: Hello, beautiful ladies.

Lisa: (smiles) Good morning.

Nate: (kissing her on the head) Thank you for letting me sleep in.

Lisa: Sure. (he sits down at the table) Does your brother like eggplant?

Nate: Um, I don’t know. I guess.

Lisa: I figured we could grill some salmon tonight. I just don’t know what else.

Nate: Oh, is that tonight?

Lisa: Yes.

Nate: Can we cancel?

Lisa: It was your idea!

Nate: I know, and it sounded good at the time, but I see David at work every day, and it’s not like I’m looking to spend some quality time with Keith.

Lisa: You wanted David to see Maya!

Nate: Okay, you’re right. We’ll do it. (to MAYA) Hey, your uncle David’s coming over. Won’t that be fun? Huh?

Lisa: (in baby voice, to MAYA) Yeah, yeah! I’ll try once more. Please? (tries to gently clean MAYA’s ear with a q-tip; MAYA complains) I’ll try once more.

NATE looks up, a little disturbed.

Lisa: Great!

Nate: Lisa, you’re being careful, right?

Lisa: I’m being very delicate.

Nate: Hey, Maya. (calls louder) Maya! (to LISA) Honey, I think you’re going too deep.

Lisa: Nate, you worry too much. Just because you deal with people dying every day…

Nate: Look, I’ve noticed that sometimes after you clean her ears, she doesn’t respond as quickly.

Lisa: (defensively) So you think I’ve injured her?

Nate: Of course not. I’m just saying that…maybe there’s some ringing in her ears after you’ve cleaned them.

Lisa: Nate! I know whether my child can hear or not! She can hear! She’s been tested, and she can hear!

Nate: Right, your child.

Lisa: I didn’t mean—

Nate: Look, I know I’m just the father but I’m every bit as committed to her as you are.

Lisa: Nate—

Lisa: I’m just trying to help. I gotta get to work.

He gets up and leaves.

Scene Two: Fisher Kitchen/Sarah's Bedroom

RUTH dusts the kitchen table, and the phone rings. The answering machine picks up.

Ruth: You’ve reached the Fisher family. Please leave a message.


Sarah: Ruth, it’s Sarah. I’m disappointed you didn’t call back. Look, I’ll be honest. I was trying to trick you into coming out here. I need you. I hurt my back and I’m all alone—

Frustrated, RUTH picks up.

Ruth: What did you do?

Cut to SARAH, lying on her bed.

Sarah: I fell off a ladder.

Ruth: Have you seen a doctor?

Sarah: He told me to stay in bed, and he gave me a prescription for Vicadin.

Ruth: What do you need me to do?

Sarah: Pick it up for me?

Ruth: Give me the address of the pharmacy.

Sarah: Oh, Ruth, I knew I could count on you!

Scene Three: Fisher Front Hall

DAVID comes down the stairs, as RICO heads for the intake room.

Rico: Are you doing this with me?

David: Yes.

Rico: (annoyed) I can do it myself, David.

David: Well, I’m sure that’s true, but Nate and I have found it’s helpful to have two people in there.

Rico: Why? So one of you can sleep late?

He heads into the room. DAVID walks in behind him and crosses his eyes.

Scene Four: Intake Room

DAVID and RICO have an intake meeting with DANIEL’s parents,

David: And, of course, we’ll place an obituary notice in the paper.

Father: No, we’d like to keep this private, and as simple as possible.

Mother: You see this kind of thing on TV, and you think, oh my God, those poor people…but now it’s happening to us, and we have to see it every time we turn it on…

DAVID hands her the box of tissues.

Mother: Thank you. We knew that Daniel was a troubled boy, but we really thought he was getting better.

Rico: Your son…isn’t the one who did the shooting?

Father: Yes.

Rico: I’m sorry. We can’t possibly…

David:…imagine what you must be going through. But you can rest assured, we will do everything we can help you through this dark time.

Mother: Thank you.

RICO sits back, incredibly pissed off.

Scene Five: Fisher and Diaz Office

RICO follows DAVID into the office.

David: Fisher and Sons has never turned down a funeral, and neither will Fisher and Diaz.

Rico: Oh, that, that’s great, that’s great, so when Dorothy Milne is crying over her husband’s casket, I’ll be sure to tell her that you’re in the next room arranging flowers around the fucking man who killed him.

David: The services will be held on different days. There will be no conflict.

Rico: Oh, come on, man, I know you like to make a buck, but isn’t this going a little far?

David: That’s got nothing to do with it. The funeral isn’t for the deceased, it’s for the living.

Rico: Oh, really? Yeah, yeah, I read the same book as you.

David: Do you think Mr. and Mrs. Showalter are in any less pain than Dorothy Milne?

Rico: Maybe I don’t give a shit. Maybe if they did a better job in raising their kid he wouldn’t have killed all those people.

David: Rico, you can’t blame them.

Rico: Yes, I can blame them. And I do.

David: (sighs) Well, whether you like it or not, this is your job. You’re gonna have to put your feelings aside. Now, I need you to go to the morgue and pick up his body.

Rico: Fuck you, you pick it up! I’ve got nothing to do with this.

Scene Six: Sarah's House

RUTH walks up to SARAH’s door, holding the bag of medication. BETTINA enters the door. BETTINA is a boisterous woman, about RUTH’s age, who at the moment is annoyed and wearing yellow rubber gloves.

Ruth: Hello, I’m Ruth, Sarah’s sister.

Bettina: Well, too bad you didn’t get here five minutes ago. You could’ve cleaned up her puke.

RUTH is a little taken aback.

Bettina: Oh, I’m Bettina. Come on in. (calls into the next room) Sarah, your sister’s here!

SARAH enters, and she looks incredibly sick.

Sarah: Ruth!

Ruth: My goodness, you look awful!

Sarah: Bettina, can we have a moment alone?

Bettina: Why?

Sarah: Because she’s my sister and we need to talk.

Bettina: What’s in the bag?

Ruth: It’s just the—

Sarah: Just some, some some things I asked her to bring for me…the the the lip balm, hair clips, strawberries.

Ruth: Well, no…

Bettina: Fork it over.

She goes to grab the bag, and SARAH runs at her in a frenzy.

Sarah: Ruth! Ruth, help me, I’m being held hostage.

BETTINA blocks her and pushes her away from RUTH, as SARAH flails around.

Bettina: Shut your yappy mouth, or I’ll goddamn tape it shut!

Ruth: Goodness, what’s going on?!?

Sarah: (crying) Ruth, please!

Bettina: Do I have to carry you back to the bed, or you gonna walk by yourself? Huh? Huh?

SARAH snarls at her and backs up.

Sarah: Bitch.

Bettina: Give me the bag. (takes it)

Ruth: It’s her Vicodin. She has a prescription.

Bettina: Of course she does! She has Vicodin prescriptions at half the pharmacies in LA!

Ruth: (disgusted) Oh!

Bettina: Your sister’s into her second day of withdrawal. She begged me to make sure she got
through it (yells) NO MATTER WHAT!

Sarah: Fuck that, I was high!

She walks away, and gives her the finger.

Scene Seven: Frank's Office

KEITH sits at couples counseling, talking to DAVID on his cell phone. FRANK watches him.

David’s Voice: Sorry, Keith, I’m having problems at the morgue.

Keith: Why didn’t you call me before?

David’s Voice: Because I didn’t know this was going to take so long. I’m sorry.

Keith: Fine, whatever. I’ll see you tonight. (hangs up) Can’t make it. Sorry for wasting your time. (gets up)

Frank: You don’t need to leave. You and I can talk.

Keith: We can do that?

Frank: Sure, why not?

KEITH sits back down.

Frank: Tell me about that phone call. How did it make you feel?

Keith: Pissed off. But I’m working on my anger management technique. I’m taking a lot of deep breaths.

Frank: That’s good. Have you been feeling a lot of anger towards David lately?

Keith: I’ve been giving myself so many damn time-outs I haven’t been feeling too much of anything. Just numb.

Frank: Maybe this is a good time to let some of that anger out.

Keith: I’m fine.

Frank: Pretend David’s sitting right there next to you. What do you want to say to him? Anything that comes to mind.

Keith: (looks to his side) Relax. Stop trying so hard. You’re making me nervous.

Frank: What other things would you like to tell him that you don’t like about him?

Keith: (waits a second, then goes for it) I hate your stupid little buckwheat pillow. And I hate your nose spray! And I hate the way you eat! You take little bitty bites, and then you put your fork down after every little bite like you’re some fucking prince! I hate the way you always want to fall asleep with your head on my shoulder! Your head is heavy! I hate the way you always make me feel like I’m my father by letting me walk all over you! (sighs, laughs)

Frank: What?

Keith: Y’know, I always thought by being gay, I’d avoid fucking my mother, but I guess that’s not the case.

FRANK smiles.

Frank: Have you thought about seeing a therapist on your own?

Scene Eight: Lisa's Apartment/Pam Dawber's House

NATE enters the kitchen, where LISA is cooking. He tries some of the food.

Nate: Wow, this is great.

Lisa: It’s my polenta. You like it?

Nate: It’s delicious.

Lisa: Thank you.

The phone rings. He answers.

Nate: Hello.

Carol’s Voice: Hi, it’s Carol.

NATE hands the phone to LISA.

Lisa: Hello?

Cut to CAROL, talking on her cell phone in a faux rustic house.

Carol: Lisa, I’m at Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber’s place in the mountains. Listen, their cook knows nothing! I need you to walk them through your basil vinaigrette.

Lisa: Right now?

Carol: Yes, the salad’s waiting!

LISA pushes the phone away, frustrated.

Nate: What?

Lisa: I’ve got to deal with this.

Nate: Okay, go ahead. I’ll start the grill.

Lisa: I’ve still got a load of laundry to do.

Nate: I’ll do it. Go.

She smiles and starts to walk away with the phone.

Carol’s Voice: Lisa!

Nate: Hey, Lis.

She stops and turns around.

Carol’s Voice: LISA!

Nate: I’m sorry about this morning.

Lisa: Oh, God, me too!

Carol’s Voice: Are you still there?!?

Nate: I just worry about Maya. I get so scared something’s gonna go wrong.

Lisa: (smiles) Nothing’s gonna go wrong.

Carol’s Voice: Salad dressing!

Nate: (smiles) I know. Maya has the best mom in the world.

He kisses her on the forehead.

Carol’s Voice: Hello!

She leaves with the phone.

Lisa: (to CAROL) Uh huh?

Carol’s Voice: I NEED dressing!

Scene Nine: LAC-ARTS, Art Studio

CLAIRE eats a sandwich and talks to RUSSELL.

Claire: I mean, Gabe was definitely exciting, in kind of a sick way, but…I think Phil’s like the only guy who’s ever really understood me.

Russell: That’s cool. Not even my imaginary friends understand me.

CLAIRE laughs.

Russell: Or maybe they do. They just don’t like me.

Claire: I think you need better imaginary friends.

Russell: No. I think they’re the best I can do. So what do you really like about this guy?

Claire: I don’t know. He’s sweet. He’s hot.

Russell: Nice.

Claire: (laughs) He’s got his own band.

Russell: It’s Keanu Reeves, isn’t it?

Claire: (laughs) Yes! Exactly!

Russell: I knew it! (she laughs) But come on, Claire, those are superficial things. And you seem like anything but superficial, so, what do you really like about him?

Claire: Um, well, I like the way he treats me, you know? He makes me feel good. Like I’m kind of okay. Like I’m smart and talented and pretty. Hello! (laughs) Totally embarrassing.

Russell: No, no, no. Women tell me this kind of thing all the time. I’m the guy who listens.

Claire: Yeah, you do listen. That’s really nice about you. I really like talking to you.

Russell: I like listening to you.

Claire: Well, I hope it could go both ways. If you’re dating anyone, you can totally talk to me.

Russell: Thanks, but, no, I’m not dating. No dating. Um, I think I’m kind of allergic, actually. I start itching and swell up and bleed profusely. (She laughs.) But no, it sounds really nice, having somebody in your life that makes you hate yourself less. I could use that.

Claire: Oh, come on, I mean, you’re great.

Russell: (smiles) I wasn’t fishing.

Claire: I’m serious, Russell. I think you’re great.

Russell: Well, tell me that when it’s two in the morning, and I’m laying in bed and I’m eating my fourth bowl of cereal, and I’m just beating myself up for, you know, some stupid thing I said in eighth grade.

Claire: What kind of cereal?

Russell: Captain Crunch.

Claire: Oh my God! I think we’re twins!

They both smile.

Scene Ten: Carol's House, exterior

DAVID and KEITH get outside the car, after pulling into CAROL’s driveway.

Keith: I don’t know. This whole “Oops! I’m pregnant!” thing still sounds kind of suspicious to me.

David: I’m just surprised he married her. But if Nate’s happy, that’s all I care about. So are you still mad about this morning? I’m really sorry I missed therapy.

They start walking to the door, DAVID carrying a bottle of wine.

Keith: No, I was happy you weren’t there. Frank was, too.

David: Frank loves me!

Keith: Yeah, but he thinks you’ve got a lot of work to do on yourself.

David: That’s so not true! I mean, maybe it’s true, but he’d never say that. So did you talk about me the whole time?

Keith: (kidding) After we both decided that you were a hopeless, passive-aggressive guilt sponge, we decided to move on to more important things.

David: God, I’m never gonna miss therapy again!

KEITH slaps him playfully on the ass.

Keith: You bet you won’t, bitch!

DAVID gets to the door, and knocks on it, and then slaps KEITH on the ass. KEITH and DAVID both start laughing. KEITH reaches over to make out with DAVID, whose hand is still gripping KEITH’s ass, when NATE answers the door. They both look up. Busted!

Nate: Well, hello.

David: Nate.

Nate: Hey, Dave, how are you? (taps DAVID on the shoulder) Good to see you. Keith, good to see you.

Scene Eleven: Carol's Backyard, night

An outside table is set up for dinner. NATE, DAVID, and KEITH, each holding a beer, stands by the barbecue, as NATE cooks the food. LISA enters from inside the house, and goes over to the table.

Nate: Lisa used to burn the fuck out of everything until I discovered the miracle of low even heat.

Keith: The secret is mesquite wood chips. Gotta use mesquite.

Nate: No, man, that’s just a gimmick. It’s the marinade that makes all the difference.

KEITH shrugs.

David: I just like wearing the apron.

After a beat, NATE and KEITH both laugh.

Lisa: Nate, where’d you put her blue blankie? It took forever to put her down, and you know she can’t sleep without it.

NATE goes over to talk to her, while KEITH turns the food.

Nate: I didn’t put it anywhere.

Lisa: (testy) Well, I couldn’t find it.

Nate: Well, did you give her Mr. Fat Fanny? She likes him.

Lisa: He’s in her sweet little hands.

Nate: Alright. (turns back to DAVID and KEITH) I think we’re ready.

Keith: Good. Let me go wash up. Where’s your little boy’s room?

Nate: (looks a little nervously at LISA) The…bathroom is in the back, behind the kitchen.

Lisa: (smiles) But don’t flush the toilet. We don’t want to wake Maya.

KEITH goes inside.

Lisa: (to DAVID) So, how’s the choir going?

David: Well, it’s not a choir, it’s a chorus, but it’s going well.

Lisa: Great! I can’t wait to hear you!

She puts eggplant down on each plate.

David: Oh, no eggplant for me.

LISA looks up, annoyed, at NATE.

Nate: Uh—I’ll–I’ll take his.

He mouths “sorry” to LISA.

Lisa: Mozzarella?

David: Yes.

She serves him.

Scene Twelve: Prep Room

RICO opens up an envelope from the morgue that holds ANDREW MILNE’s wedding ring. He takes it out and goes over to ANDREW’s open casket, where he is dressed in a suit and ready for the viewing. RICO slips the ring on his finger, with a little difficulty. There is a audible snap of the bone breaking. He lays his hand down gently and stares at him.

Scene Thirteen: Carol's Backyard

DAVID and NATE are seated for dinner. KEITH is still in the bathroom. As LISA pours wine for the two of them, they hear the toilet flush through the baby monitor they have placed on the table, followed by baby cries.

Lisa: Great.

Nate: (jumps up) I’ll go.

They both head for the house, while KEITH, obliviously walks past them and up to DAVID.

Keith: What’d I miss?

David: You woke the baby.

Keith: (sitting down) It wasn’t asleep.

David: Yes, it was.

Keith: It wasn’t. It looked at me when I walked in.

They hear NATE and LISA talking through the baby monitor.

Lisa: (whispers) Damn, I told him not to flush.

Nate: Well, maybe he had to flush. David said he had that irritable bowel thing.

Lisa: Eww!

KEITH gives an annoyed look to DAVID.

Keith: Why’d you tell him that?!?

David: It just came up.

Keith: Well, please, don’t discuss my private stuff with anyone.

David: I’m sorry.

Lisa: We’re never gonna get her back to sleep.

Keith: And, by the way, I only peed.

David: You shouldn’t have flushed.

Keith: It WASN’T asleep!

Nate and Lisa: (singing) Maya, row the boat ashore/Hallelujah/Maya, row the boat ashore/Hallelujah/My brother and sisters are all aboard…

KEITH and DAVID laugh.

Keith: That song has never sounded so creepy before.

Both: My brother and sisters are all aboard…

David: I know.

Scene Fourteen: Prep Room

RICO rolls DANIEL’s corpse out of the fridge. ANDREW’s is finished, in the casket, against the wall. He sighs. Behind RICO, ANDREW sits up in his casket.

Andrew: You’ve gotta be kidding me. What’s he doing here?!?

RICO turns around.

Rico: Hey, it wasn’t my idea.

Suddenly, DANIEL is sitting up, staring at ANDREW, with hostility and rage.

Daniel: Oooh, look at you in your fancy fucking suit.

Andrew: I knew I never should have hired you.

Daniel: No, what you shouldn’t have done is fired me.

As DANIEL talks, RICO cleans out the hole in the back of DANIEL’s head.

Andrew: You were a fuck-up!

Rico: (to DANIEL) Aw, Jesus, could you have made the hole a little bigger?

Cut to a shot of the back of DANIEL’s head. There is a huge gaping hole in the back of his skull.

 Rico: Why can’t you guys shoot yourself in the heart once in a while?

Daniel: Maybe I was trying to make a statement. Besides, it’s not really my problem.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. Nothing’s your problem.

Daniel: Blow me, dead man!

Rico: He had a wife and kids, asshole.

Daniel: Lucky him! I didn’t have shit!

Andrew: So whose fault is that? You couldn’t even show up to work on time!

Daniel: Maybe if you hadn’t been such a goddamn prick! You know, it’s because of people like you that I had to do this!

Andrew: What are you saying? This is my fault?!?

Daniel: I’m just saying…a guy can only take so much before he snaps.

Rico: Hey, hey, you know, we all have to deal with a lot of shit, all right? But when I snap, I throw something, or I punch a wall. I don’t pick up a shotgun and start killing people.

DANIEL looks right at him.

Daniel: Yeah. So far.

RICO is alone in the room, staring at the two lifeless corpses. He is incredibly disturbed.

Scene Fifteen: Carol's Backyard

Dinner is over. They all sit in the chairs, relaxing.

David: God, it feels so good to sit here and do absolutely nothing.

Lisa: We relax all the time. We have to.

They sit in silence for a few moments.

Nate: So, how do you like your new job, Keith?

Keith: Uh, well…it pretty much sucks.

NATE nods.

David: It’s temporary. We’re both going through a lot of changes right now. All good, though.

Lisa: So, how’s the therapy going?

KEITH gives a look, annoyed that DAVID told this to NATE, too.

David: Um, good. Good. We’re not fighting so much. I mean, we never really fought that much, but…(KEITH sighs) we’re getting along much better.

Lisa: Nate and I never fight.

Keith: (disbelieving, accusatorily) Never?!?

Lisa: No.

Keith: You two have never had a fight?

NATE looks at her and smiles.

Nate: Not really.

David: I don’t know how you do it.

Lisa: We’ve known each other for so long, I guess we just understand each other.

Nate: (perhaps a bit of doubt, which she doesn’t notice) Mm hmm.

KEITH shoots DAVID a quick look.

David: Even so, I would think having a baby adds so much stress.

Nate: No, actually, having a baby helps put everything in perspective.

Lisa: You’ll see when you have kids.

DAVID smiles.

Keith: If we have kids.

DAVID looks at him, concerned. Just then, CAROL comes in from the house. She’s home!

Carol: Knock knock! Oh, look, a party! (to KEITH, shakes his hand) Hello, I’m Carol, Lisa’s boss.

Keith: Keith.

David: I’m David…Fisher.

Carol: (territorially) This is my house.

Lisa: Well, you’re back early.

Carol: There’s nothing to do in the mountains! Nothing! I mean, like fresh air’s such a big deal?

She smiles. KEITH laughs politely.

Carol: At least no one parks in my driveway there.

David: Oh, should we move?

Carol: Lisa, I would love some cinnamon toast and a cup of tea.

She waves to them and walks towards the house. LISA follows her.

Lisa: Could you wait just a little bit?

Carol: You would not believe the day I’ve had! Who is my most bitter enemy…

DAVID, a little freaked, mouths to NATE, “Should we move?” NATE smiles and shakes his head, as if to say, “Don’t worry about it.”

Carol:…the one person I hate most in the world?

Lisa: We’re having a little get-together…

Carol: (makes a game show buzzer noise) Ehh! Melissa Gilbert. And who opens the door at Mark and Pam’s house? That’s right, Melissa Gilbert! It was like staring at evil itself.

Lisa: Carol, you’re not listening to me.

Carol: Honey, I heard you. You’re having a party. They’ve had you all day, I need you right now. Bring my toast up to my bath and I’ll tell you how I made Melissa cry!

She smiles and heads back for the house. LISA is about to say something.

Nate: Go ahead, we’re fine.

She smiles and nods and heads into the house.

Scene Sixteen: Carol's Driveway

DAVID and KEITH head for their car.

Keith: Man, can you believe Lisa?!? I’ve never met anyone who’s self-perception is so far removed from reality.

David: Keith—what were you talking about in there? If we have kids?

Keith: Just what I said. If we have kids.

David: I thought we decided a long time ago that we’d have kids. When did this change?

Keith: Who are you kidding? We’re in therapy now to see if we can even exist as a couple. Everything about us is if.

David: But that shouldn’t change our goals.

Keith: I’m just being realistic. I don’t want to put myself into a situation where I end up turning into my father.

David: I guess maybe I’m a little more optimistic about our future than you are.

Keith: (opens the car door) Oh, get real! You and I living day-to-day, and you know it!

KEITH gets into the car and starts it. DAVID looks concerned, and walks over to the passenger door to get in.

Scene Seventeen: Sarah's Bedroom

Sarah: Oh, God, I’m freezing! Oh, God, this sucks!

SARAH lies in the bed, whining, crying, and sweating. RUTH and BETTINA both help tuck SARAH under her blanket.

Sarah: I’m dying!

Ruth: It’ll pass.

Sarah: Give me a Klonopine!

Bettina: You wanted to do this natural! I already gave you the Kava-Kava and the Valerian root.

Sarah: They’re not doing shit…give me a Klonopine!

Ruth: She’s impossible!

BETTINA hands her a pill and a glass of water. She swallows it hungrily.

Sarah: Now give me an ambient.

Ruth: Sarah, really—

Bettina: Well, it’ll put her to sleep.

Ruth: (to SARAH) Anything to shut you up!

SARAH lies back down.

Sarah: Now I’m burning up!

Ruth: A moment ago, you were freezing!

RUTH pulls the blanket off of SARAH.

Sarah: Well, now I’m burning up.

She picks up a pillow, and smacks RUTH with it, shoving it into her hand. RUTH is almost at the end of her rope. Suddenly, SARAH jumps out of bed and runs into the other room.

Ruth: Now what?

Sarah: (as she runs) Diarrhea!

Ruth: (yelling into the next room) This is what playing with drugs will get you! It’s not pretty, is it?!?

BETTINA looks at her and sighs. RUTH, frustrated, puts down the pillows on the bed and smacks them.

Scene Eighteen: Lisa's Apartment

LISA enters with a basket of laundry. NATE is holding MAYA.

Nate: You get Carol all tucked in?

Lisa: After eight slices of cinnamon toast and a popsicle! (sighs) It was nice seeing David and Keith tonight.

Nate: Yeah.

Lisa: I feel so sorry for them.

Nate: (a little defensively) Yeah, how come?

Lisa: I mean, God, they’ve been together such a short time, and already they need counseling?!?

Nate: Well, they’re just—

Lisa: If they have so many problems, why even stay together? It’s not like they have a kid to take care of.

Nate: I don’t know. Maybe they love each other.

LISA smells the laundry.

Lisa: Oh.

Nate: What?

Lisa: What detergent did you use?

Nate: I don’t know. Whatever was there.

Lisa: It smells like Tide.

Nate: So I guess I used the Tide.

Lisa: You have to use the Dreft. Maya gets a rash from anything else.

Nate: Those aren’t Maya’s clothes. They’re ours.

Lisa: Yeah, but I hold Maya all day long.

Nate: So why do we even have Tide? I’m sorry I wasn’t following you around taking notes!

Lisa: Nate, don’t get mad. I just thought you knew to use the Dreft.

Nate: Well, obviously I didn’t. Now I do. Are we okay here?

Lisa: Yeah, we’re okay. I just have to wash it all over.

Nate: No, no, you don’t. Here, put those down. Here. (hands the baby to LISA) I’ll do it.

He takes the laundry basket.

Lisa: Thank you.

NATE strokes her hair and goes outside with the laundry basket.<


Scene One: Daniel's Viewing, next day

RICO stands in the hallway, watching DANIEL’s viewing. His parents come through the front door.

Rico: Good afternoon.

Father: Is he…?

Rico: (a bit impatiently) He’s right in there.

DAVID, who was chatting with a mourner, notices that the SHOWALTERs have arrived, and walks up to them.

David: Mr. and Mrs. Showalter, I will be here the entire time. Please let me know if there’s anything at all I can do for you.

They walk into the room, unresponsive. MRS. SHOWALTER walks up to a blonde, young man (perhaps late 20s/early 30s) and hugs him tightly. DAVID goes back to RICO.

Rico: Is that another son?

DAVID nods.

Rico: Well, I hope you frisked him.

David: Please try to show a little sensitivity.

Rico: Hey, I did my job. I cleaned him up all nice. Sure, I was tempted maybe to leave a hand or a foot unembalmed, so he could stink like he should, but no. No. I’m a professional.

David: Then act like one. These people loved this man.

Two mourners walk by, and they stop talking. Once they go by, DAVID leans closer to RICO.

David: They didn’t know him as a murderer. They knew him as their son. As their brother.

Rico: These are the people who are responsible for him. They should have known what was going on inside of him.

David: (really pissed now) Jesus Christ, Federico! I’m really getting sick of all this moral superiority! Everything is so goddamn black and white for you.

Rico: You know what? I just think—

Another mourner comes up and walks by them. DAVID and RICO quickly break apart from their argument, then fall right back into it.

David: You can’t ever really know a person. If you think you can, you’re living in a fucking dream world.

RICO turns away, annoyed.

Scene Two: Sarah's Bedroom

SARAH lies on the bed, still sweaty and miserable. BETTINA sits on a chair in the corner of the room. RUTH enters with a tray of egg salad sandwiches.

Ruth: I made egg salad.

Bettina: (makes a “yum” noise) Mmm.

Sarah: Jolts of electricity are shooting through my body and tearing me apart.

Ruth: Then Bettina and I will eat.

RUTH gives BETTINA a half of a sandwich. BETTINA smiles and yawns. SARAH looks desperately at them, and after a few dramatic inhales of breath…

Sarah: Maybe I’ll have a little.

RUTH gives her a half a sandwich, too.

Ruth: So, how long have you been taking the Vicodin?

Sarah: I don’t know. On and off for years.

Ruth: Why?

SARAH looks up. RUTH and BETTINA both look back at her, interested in her answer. RUTH takes a bite of her own sandwich.

Sarah: Because, somewhere along the line, I started to realize I was no longer the youngest or prettiest girl in the room.

BETTINA crosses her eyes and makes a noise of disgust.

Sarah: For a while I satisfied myself with being the most intriguing…but eventually I just became the one in paisley. It’s too fucking depressing.

Ruth: I’m sorry, dear, but you know you’re much more than that.

Bettina: Yeah, you’re a drug addict!

Sarah: (referring to the sandwich) I need to spice this up a little.

Ruth: Tell me what you want, and I’ll get it.

Sarah: (getting up) No, no, no, I’ll get—

Bettina: (gets up, commandingly) Sit down!

Sarah: I need spices!

Bettina: (comes right up to her) Where is it?

Sarah: In the kitchen.

Bettina: Where is the Vicodin?

Sarah: I don’t know what you’re talking—

Bettina: We already found your stash in the laundry room and in the bookcase. Where else? In the spice rack?

Sarah: You’re being ridiculous.

She tries to push her way through, but BETTINA restrains her down on the bed.

Sarah: Let me go!

Bettina: Where’s the Vicodin?

Sarah: You’re hurting me!

Bettina: Where? Where? Where?

Sarah: In the coriander jar, you pigfucker!

BETTINA looks horrified at that remark.

Ruth: Your lies aren’t helping, dear.

BETTINA goes to a nearby drawer and takes out some scarves.

Bettina: Here. (she tosses one to RUTH) Ruth and I are gonna go outside and get some air.

She wraps one of the scarves around SARAH’s left wrist.

Sarah: What—what are you doing?

Bettina: You don’t think I’m just gonna leave you?

BETTINA ties SARAH’s left wrist to the bed’s headboard. RUTH goes over to the other side to get SARAH’s right arm with her scarf.

Sarah: You can’t tie me up!

Ruth: It’s for your own good.

RUTH ties the scarf around her right wrist, but SARAH starts crying and waving her arm around.

Ruth: (at her wits’ end) Do you want me to break this arm?

SARAH is stunned into submission. Even BETTINA looks impressed! Without any more struggling, RUTH ties SARAH’s right arm to the headboard.

Bettina: (looks at their handiwork) Yeah, that should hold.

RUTH and BETTINA head out the door.

Sarah: I hope the coyotes eat you!

Bettina: (yelling from the next room) So do I!

SARAH lies there and whines.

Scene Three: Sarah's Front Lawn

BETTINA and RUTH walk outside to SARAH’s front lawn, where a hammock is hung up, stretched between two trees. BETTINA plops herself down on one, looking more relieved than RUTH has ever seen her. BETTINA lets out a sigh of relief.

Ruth: (still tense) I don’t know how you remain so calm.

Bettina: I took a Vicodin!

Ruth: Not really?!?

Bettina: (laughs) Yeah! I figured, if there was ever a time… (gives a devilish smile) You want one?

Ruth: Oh, no, thank you.

The calmness of this beautiful, sunny day is broken by SARAH screaming from inside the house, “I’ll kill you both, I swear I will!”

Ruth: (without skipping a beat) Well, maybe half.

BETTINA gets out the bottle, and takes out a pill. RUTH breaks it in half, and dry swallows a half.

Sarah’s Voice: HELLPPPP!!! HELLLPPPPP!!!

She smiles, and so does BETTINA.

Scene Four: Fisher Kitchen, evening

CLAIRE and PHIL come into the kitchen, after walking down the stairs.

Claire: I think there’s some meatloaf in here.

Phil: Yeah, okay.

CLAIRE opens the fridge and takes out food. NATE enters.

Claire: Hey.

Nate: Hi. (sees PHIL) You’re…Phil, right? The crematory guy?

Phil: Yeah, hey, Nate?

NATE gives CLAIRE a devilish smile.

Claire: What?

Nate: (facetiously) Nothing.

PHIL sits down at the table. CLAIRE goes to the counter to prepare sandwiches.

Nate: (gets a beer out of the fridge) Mom called. She’s spending another night at Aunt Sarah’s.

Claire: Cool. (to PHIL) We can just stay here, then.

Phil: Sure.

Nate: Also, there’s a couple of death certificates you can pick up tomorrow.

Claire: Where?

Nate: Uh, one’s at a nursing home, and the other, I think…is also at a nursing home.

Claire: Uch! I hate those places! All the old people want to touch my hair.

NATE raises his eyebrows and leaves the room.

Scene Five: Fisher TV Room

NATE sits down with his beer on the couch, and turns on the TV. “The Pet Psychic” is on. He lays back, completely wiped out, completely comfortable for a moment, until…his cell phone rings. He gets it.

Nate: Hey, Lis. (pause) No, I’ll probably just grab a sandwich here. (pause) Uh, I’ll probably be leaving in about an hour or so. I’ve still got a bunch of shit to do. (pause) I love you, too. Give Maya a kiss for me. (pause) Bye.

He hangs up and sighs, looking like a zombie.

Scene Six: Fisher Kitchen

CLAIRE and PHIL are still talking, but now they’re both sitting at the table, eating sandwiches.

Phil: So, Nate’s the one who just got married?

Claire: Yeah.

Phil: Do you like his wife?

Claire: Um…I don’t really know her that well. But, I mean, I like her. You should’ve met his last girlfriend. She was “Charlotte: Light and Dark”.

Phil: Not for real?!? The barking girl?!?

Claire: For real.

Phil: (smiles) Wow!

They both laugh. He’s almost done with his sandwich.

Claire: You want another?

Phil: No, I’m good. So, we should do something, like next Friday or Saturday.

Claire: (thinks this is a little weird, pauses, then talks; this comes out kind of short) Do you have a really busy week?

Phil: Uhm. I don’t know.

Claire: Because, when you say “next Friday or Saturday,” that kind of sounds like not until next Friday or Saturday.

Phil: Have you been thinking the two of us are, well, you know, exclusive? Because I never really meant to give that impression.

Claire: What do you mean?

Phil: Well…that sometimes I see other women.

Claire: (takes this in) And by “see,” you mean “fuck.”

Phil: However you wanna put it.

Claire: (looks down and lies) Yeah, I mean, I figured…

Phil: Until you really get to know someone, I just…it…it seems the way to go.

Claire: Yeah, of course.

Phil: You see other guys, don’t you? You’re always talking about Russell.

Claire: Russell’s gay.

Phil: Oh.

Claire: But…I guess, if I was to meet someone…not that I’m looking to fuck around, but…I guess if I liked someone, whatever…

Phil: Cool.

CLAIRE gets up and puts her plate in the sink, loudly. She looks away from him and gives a weird smile, like, “I should’ve known.”

Phil: Are you mad?

No response. Then she turns around to face him.

Phil: Do you want me to go?

CLAIRE considers it for a moment, and gives a “What the hell, why not?” face.

Claire: No.

He gets up and walks up to her. She smiles.

Phil: Do you want to go up to your room?

They rub noses.

Claire: Yeah, let’s go.

She smiles and leads him upstairs.

Scene Seven: Rico's House

RICO enters his house, tired and wilted. “SpongeBob Squarepants” is blasting on the TV, which JULIO is watching, riveted. The house is a mess, toys all over the floor. AUGUSTO is in his playpen, and VANESSA, stressed out beyond belief, is attempting to pick up things from the floor.

Vanessa: Baby, I’m warning you…I’m in a bad mood! I had a very bad day! I just found out that one of my favorite doctors was arrested for selling steroids. And, oh, now there’s a rumor flying around that AmeriMed’s gonna close the hospital.

Rico: That’s great.

Vanessa: There’s KFC in the microwave. (picks up AUGUSTO, talks to him) I’m sorry, I just had to get you out from under my feet for a while.

She takes AUGUSTO into the next room. RICO stands there, overwhelmed. The loud TV is slowly driving him crazy.

Rico: (yells) Julio, could you please turn that damn thing down?!?

JULIO doesn’t listen. RICO closes his eyes, trying his best to calm down his rage. After a few moments, he opens his eyes, slowly walks up to the remote, and lowers the volume on the TV. He sits down on the floor next to the couch where JULIO is sitting. He sighs, puts his arm around JULIO and kisses him on the head.

Scene Eight: Lisa's Apartment

NATE, wearing nothing but sweatpants, turns off the lamp and gets into bed. LISA lies down on the other side of the bed, in a nightgown, and MAYA is lying down between them.

Lisa: Are you going to the store tomorrow?

Nate: I wasn’t planning on it. (shuts his eyes, wiped out) What do you need?

Lisa: Baby wipes. And baby food. But you have to go to Whole Foods for that.

Nate: All right.

Lisa: But if you go to Rite Aid, you can get her a new sippy cup, and I lost her nail clippers. Make sure you get them in the baby section. The others are too big. Umm…toilet paper, light bulbs, (NATE opens his eyes, in disbelief. The woman is still talking!) the energy efficient ones, and facial scrub for me, y’know? The peach kind.

Nate: (annoyed, but not showing it) All right. You’re gonna have to write everything down.

Lisa: It’s on the refrigerator.

Nate: (gives her a “why didn’t you just tell me that before?” look) All right. I’ll try to do it on my way home from work.

Lisa: (gets prickly) You’re going to try, or you’ll do it? Only because if you can’t, then I’ll do it.

Nate: I’ll do it.

Lisa: Thank you.

Nate: You’re welcome.

Lisa: I had to make carrot soup for Carol’s stylist today and drive it out to her in Culver City.

Nate: Ugh. You know that woman has been sent to earth for the sole purpose of torturing you, right?

Lisa: (laughs) God, it’s true!

Nate: I don’t even work for her, and she drives me crazy!

Lisa: She wants me to make her rice pudding tomorrow. I think I’ll use whole milk. It gives her diarrhea.

NATE laughs out loud, and she smiles.

Nate: You know, we could call all our friends and have them park in her driveway.

Lisa: We could take pictures of her swimming naked and post them on the Internet!

Nate: Oh my God, I saw her once! (whispers) She has the biggest bush I have ever seen in my life!

Lisa: She really does!

The baby coos. LISA settles in and closes her eyes. NATE kisses MAYA on the head and falls asleep.

Scene Nine: Sarah's Front Lawn

BETTINA and RUTH are both lying in the hammock, lying head to toe, rocking back and forth. They’ve each had a lot of wine and are having a grand old time. RUTH’s hair’s down, and they’re both wearing coats. It’s a chilly, beautiful, clear night.

Ruth: If I told you something, would you promise not to laugh?

Bettina: No.

Ruth: This is the first time I’ve ever been in a hammock. They’ve always scared me.

BETTINA laughs long and hard.

Ruth: (smiles) I always saw them in cartoons, and the people would get in them and spin around so fast that people would go flying!

Bettina: (still laughing) Well, don’t worry. You’re safe.

RUTH finishes her glass of wine. In the background, we can hear SARAH screaming and crying from inside the house. But RUTH and BETTINA pay her no mind and won’t let it ruin this beautiful night. RUTH stares up at a butterfly decoration SARAH has hung from a tree, slowly swinging in the wind.

Ruth: It’s so peaceful out here.

They continue to rock slowly.

The screen fades to white.



The following dialogue continues as the end credits roll:

Bettina: You want some more wine?

Ruth: Sure. Why not?

Sarah: I’M DYING!!!!!

Bettina: Take a slug right out of the bottle.

Ruth: Really?

Bettina: Go on!

Ruth: I feel like an old hobo.

They both laugh.

Bettina: Maybe we should hop a freight train.

Ruth: We could head up to Frisco!

Bettina: Pick us up a couple of sailors!

They laugh riotously.

Ruth: We’re so bad!

Bettina: Yes, we are!


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Première du film John and the Hole avec Michael C. Hall

Première du film John and the Hole avec Michael C. Hall
Ce vendredi 29 janvier, le film John and the Hole est diffusé pour la première fois dans le cadre du...


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sanct08, Hier à 11:43

Le quartier Doctor Who attend vos votes pour la première manche du concours de synopsis crossover avec The X-Files

sanct08, Hier à 11:43

Un clic et c'est bon !

sauveur, Hier à 13:48

Nouveau calendrier, nouvelle PDM sur le quartier Dallas ! On vous attend

sauveur, Hier à 19:02

N'hésitez pas à voter pour la PDM, à commenter le calendrier sur le quartier Dallas

Locksley, Aujourd'hui à 09:15

Victor vient d'emménager dans son nouveau quartier sur la citadelle. Bonne installation et bonne inauguration à Emilie !

Viens chatter !

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