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#104 : La famille

Un Americano-mexicain membre d'un gang est tué, et les Fishers découvrent que les volontés des parents, sans le sou, pour les funérailles sont différentes de celles du chef du gang, puissant et riche. En même temps, au sujet de l'incendie de la maison en face de celle des Fishers, les enquêteurs suspectent la famille. Nate, David et Ruth se demandent si Claire n'aurait pas un rapport avec cet incident. Brenda vient à la maison familiale pour son premier diner, mais n'arrive pas à faire bonne impression devant Ruth. David, lui, prend son courage à deux mains et arrive à stopper une querelle avec Keith.

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La famille

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Les Fisher devant un corps

Les Fisher devant un corps

L'enterrement d'un Americano-mexicain membre d'un gang

L'enterrement d'un Americano-mexicain membre d'un gang

Rivalité entre membres de gang

Rivalité entre membres de gang

Claire et l'Americano-mexicain

Claire et l'Americano-mexicain

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Scene: Parking Lot, late at night, a bad neighborhood

A young Hispanic male, PACO BOLIN (His real name is MANUEL BOLIN), sits in a parked car with his girlfriend, SYLVIE. It is late at night, and he cannot get the car started.

Sylvie: Piece of shit's whack!

Paco: Ain't no piece of shit. The alternator's a little temperamental.

Sylvie: Well, maybe the battery's dead. (tries cell phone, doesn't work) Like this phone.

Paco: It ain't the battery. It's the alternator. (looks around, it is dark and quiet) It's like one of those "Scream" movies, huh?

Sylvie: More like "Boyz in the Hood."

Paco: Aw-ight, look, I'm gonna jet to that pay phone. One of my dogs'll hook us up.

Sylvie: I know you ain't leavin' me in here all alone!

Paco: Hey, look, you'll be safer in here. Be back in three, aw-ight?

Sylvie: Aw-ight.

Paco: Gimme some love.

They kiss. He gets out of the car and walks to a nearby pay phone. He calls his friend, LUIS's phone. LUIS doesn't answer. PACO gets his machine.

Luis' Voice: Ain't nobody home. Leave a message.

Paco: Hey, hey, pick up the phone, dog! Hey, wake up, man! Damn! Lazy ass punk motherfucker, man.

Terror fills SYLVIE's eyes as she sees a gang walk up behind PACO.

Sylvie: Paco! Oh, my God!!!

The gang leader puts a gun up to the back of PACO's head. Just at that moment, we hear LUIS picking up the phone.

Luis: Who the fuck is it? Hello? Hello? Hello?

PACO hangs up the phone as he feels the gun. He turns around.

Gang Leader: Where are you from?

Paco: Your momma's pussy, bitch!

Sylvie: PACO!!! PACO!!!

The gang leader shoots Paco three times.

Sylvie: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

The screen fades to white.


Act One

Scene One: Police Station

The following scene occurs in DETECTIVE McBRIDE's office in the police station, at two points in time. DETECTIVE McBRIDE, a woman, and DETECTIVE SHEA, a man, are interrogating Nate and Brenda at two different times. The scenes, however, are intercut. Therefore, the scene with Nate will be in regular font while Brenda’s scene will be in italics.

DETECTIVE McBRIDE shows NATE pictures of the house that burned down.

McBride: Ms Chenowith gave us her account of your activities at the crime scene.

Nate: Crime scene? So you're saying it was definitely arson?

Shea: What's your story, Mr. Fisher?

Nate: Um--the house is empty, I wanted to show Brenda where I used to hang out when I was a kid.

Brenda: I don't know why he wanted to show it to me.

McBride: Can you tell us what you did while you were there?

Brenda: Walked around, looked at things.

Shea: Do you really expect us to believe you broke into an abandoned home just to walk around?

Brenda: Oh, we fucked.

McBride: You said you were there for an hour or so?

Nate: Tops.

McBride: Could you walk us through what the two of you did for that hour?

Nate: We--uh--made love.

Shea: Could you please be as specific as possible? Just to establish a timeline.

Brenda: Well, he went down on me for a while. He's really good at it.

Nate: I don't exactly remember the specifics.

Brenda: Oh, he was in a state. Like he had a lot of aggression to work out.

Nate: She said that I was aggressive? Oh, man, she should talk!

Brenda: Then he fell asleep.

Shea: What happened then?

Nate: We were exhausted, so we left.

Brenda: I left to meet somebody. He was just waking up. I don’t know what he did after that. Can I go?

McBride: I think we have everything that we need. Thank you for your cooperation.

Brenda: Peace out, guys.

Nate: Well, yeah, she left first, but I left right after that.

Shea: Are you aware that the property in question was recently purchased by Kroehner Service International?

Nate: Yes, Matt Gilardi said they were planning to open a cheap cremation place and put us out of business.

McBride: Was that the point where you called him a "greedy little Nazi fuck"? Is that correct?

Nate: Yes, that is correct. You think I set the fire?

McBride: Well, you have to admit, it does seem like a beneficial turn of events for your business.

Nate: So what? Do I need a lawyer?

McBride: Not yet. You're free to go.

Shea: Actually, one more thing. Do you know where your sister was the night of the fire?

Nate: No. Why?

McBride: I understand she had a run-in with the law recently. A missing foot.

Shea: If she's developing a pattern of acting out subsequent to her father’s death--

Nate: Claire had nothing to do with that fire.

Shea: How do you know?

Scene Two: Fisher House, Room Behind the Kitchen

DAVID and RUTH turn on the fan. An air-conditioner repairman is working outside.

David: I knew passing the health department inspection was too good to be true. It just meant something else would go wrong. Good, there goes a month's profit.

Ruth: We can live without air conditioning. Plenty of people do.

David: Yeah, people in the third world. We can't run a business without air conditioning. If we lose any more funerals, Kroehner won't have to take us over. We'll be bankrupt.

Ruth: How much?

David: Central air? 3 grand, easy.

Nate: (entering from outside) Guess what? Gilardi tipped the cops off. Think I'm a suspect.

David: That's ridiculous.

Nate: Where's Claire?

Ruth: School... I hope.

Nate: Do either one of you know where she was before the fire?

Ruth: Why? What does it...? Oh, dear God. They don't think--Oh, she couldn't have--

AC Man: (entering) Good news, bad news. The compressor's fine. Bad news is your pneumatic activator sub is shot. Normally, I could do it in a day, but with this heatwave, better give me five days.

Ruth: Five?

Nate: What's it gonna set us back?

AC Man: Shouldn't take any more than 3700, parts and labor.

The doorbell rings.

David: That's our 10:00.

NATE and DAVID leave.

Ruth: (to NATE and DAVID, as they leave) Tell them we'll have air conditioning. (to AC man, pointing her finger) Three days.

Scene Three: Room Behind the Curtain

PACO's parents, Mr. And Mrs. BOLIN sit on the couch across from DAVID and NATE. The leader of PACO's gang, POWERFUL, stands close by.

Mrs. Bolin: He would've been 21 next week. We were gonna buy him a new bed. Now we're buying him a coffin.

Mr. Bolin: 3 in the morning. He shouldn't have been out with that girl in that neighborhood.

Nate: It's the worst thing that could happen. To lose a child.

Mrs. Bolin: We lost him years ago.

David: We'll see to it that Paco--

Mrs. Bolin: His name is Manny. His gang name was Paco.

Powerful: He goes by Paco. And he wasn't lost. He was assassinated.

David: We'll see to it that he has a dignified service.

Mrs. Bolin: We've been to three funeral homes. No one will take us.

Nate: We don't turn people away here.

David: But--sometimes when families lack the funds necessary, or insurance...

Powerful: I've got money.

Mr. Bolin: We don't want your money.

David: Mr. Bolin, if your son is willing to finance--

Mrs. Bolin: He's not our son.

Mr. Bolin: He's a gang leader. The Verato Kings. Don't you read the papers?

Powerful: My name is Powerful. Paco's gonna have a fat-ass funeral, whatever it costs. We've got mad cash, so long as y'all can do it up right. Now can y'all do it up right? Or should we move on?

David: Uh, if you'll excuse me, Nate will show you some flower arrangements which might be to your liking. (leaves)

Nate: Uh, lilies are always nice...

Scene Four: Basement

FEDERICO is preparing the corpse of an old lady.

David: Federico, I need your help. Your expertise. I've got a really tough one upstairs.

Federico: Decomp? Crispy critter?

David: No. Gunshots. No facial damage. It's cut and dried. The family wants a traditional Mexican funeral.

Federico: Oh, what's a traditional Mexican funeral?

David: But there's this other guy, the deceased's gang leader--

Federico: What does this have to do me?

David: I was hoping you would talk to them for me... with me.

Federico: What? Because I'm Latino I know about gangs?

David: Well, you probably know more than I do.

Federico: And why is that?

David: Well, I just assumed that, maybe, somebody in your family might--

Federico: No. Nobody in my family. Never. I've worked here for years and you don't know a damn about me.

David: That's not true.

Federico: You own an atlas?

David: An atlas?

Federico: Yeah, because, if you did, you'd know there's a 2400 mile difference between Puerto Rico and Mexico.

David: You're Puerto Rican?

FEDERICO speaks angrily in Spanish.

David: Look, Federico, I'm sorry. I just assumed--(FEDERICO looks extremely upset. DAVID decides to change his tactics.) We can't afford to lose this funeral, and I'm afraid if Nate and I are the point of contact, we will.

Scene Five: Room Behind the Curtain

FEDERICO shows the BOLINs the coffin catalogue.

Federico: This is our blue opal. Two gage aluminum and copper with a light-blue sovereign velvet interior.

Mr. Bolin: It's nicer than our car.

Mrs. Bolin: It's beautiful.

Powerful: It's not good enough.

Federico: Mrs. Bolin, if this is the casket that you want for your son, then you should have it. He is your son.

Powerful: Hey, where are you from, dog?

Federico: One moment, please.

He takes POWERFUL by the arm, behind the curtain and into the next room.

Federico: "Where are you from?" Like: “where were my parents born”? San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. “Where are you from”? As in: “what gang I belong to”? Yeah, I'll tell you what gang I belong to: the gang that's gonna help you bury your friend. The gang that's gonna be there for you and your friends when every other fuckin' home doesn't wanna deal with your tired-ass bullshit. Your friend is dead, man. Now, do you want me to help you or do you just wanna go heads up?

POWERFUL shakes his head and they both return to the room.

Powerful: It's good.

Scene Six: Front Hall

David: I don't like it. It's dangerous.

Nate: Not if we let Rico handle everything. David, we're so white. If we step in, we will totally fuck up.

Ruth: Language...

Nate: Frankly, I'm more worried whether Claire started that fire.

David: Why would she? To help us out? She hates us.

Ruth: Is Brenda a vegetarian?

Nate: She'll eat anything. (whispering to DAVID) Did you know the night that Dad died, Claire was high on crystal meth?

David: Oh, my God! Isn't that a horse tranquilizer?

Nate: No, it's speed. Really nasty speed. It makes you crazy.

Ruth: (loudly) If there are things you don't want me to hear, go talk about them in another room... I assume she drinks?

Nate: You know, I can call and tell her to cancel.

Ruth: No, I've been looking forward to this.

David: I have some errands to run. I'll pick up a nice chardonnay while I'm out.

Ruth: What errands?

David: Uh--I can give you a list if you'd like.

Claire: (entering) You guys, this kid at school today got busted for having a tazer, 'cause he showed it to his friends at lunch. I mean, what an idiot! There were like six cops! It was absolutely hilarious!

Throughout this entire speech, no one has responded to CLAIRE. They just stare at her.

Claire: What?!

Scene Seven: Outside the Supermarket

DAVID and KEITH are carrying shopping bags full of food to KEITH's car.

David: No, it's not really a gang funeral. It's--they needed a home, we needed a body. Everyone wins.

Keith: Yeah, right. Who are you gonna call when the bullets start flying?

David: Anyone but you.

Keith: You're damn straight. (They get to the car. KEITH opens the trunk and starts putting food bags in.) Claire's gonna need a lawyer. A good one.

David: Look, if she set that fire, she'll do what's right. I'll see to it.

Keith: What's right is getting her some top shelf legal counsel and having her plead the fifth. I don't care what you have to do. Just keep her out of the system. She'll be eaten alive.

David: Is there any chance you can snoop around and find out what their game plan is?

Keith: I don't know, I already interfered once.

Meanwhile, a REDNECK man has been waiting to pull into their space. He has been getting increasingly annoyed.

Redneck: Are you guys pulling out or what?

Keith: Yeah, in a minute.

Redneck: Well, let's go. (He waits a beat.) Fuckin' fags, man.

He starts to drive away. KEITH chases his car down.

David: Keith! Keith!

The car stops. KEITH reaches it.

Keith: Say it again.

Redneck: What?

Keith: I said: "Say it again." (takes out his badge) Next time you call someone a fuckin' fag, you make sure that fag isn't an LAPD officer. (presses his badge into the man’s forehead) Got that? Understand me?

Redneck: Yeah.

Keith: Now, you got my badge, file a complaint. How dare you? Now get your punk ass out of here. Fuckin' bitch. (The REDNECK drives away, terrified.) Tore his ass up.

David: I don't think he meant anything by it.

Keith: Do you hate yourself that much?

Scene Eight: Basement

DAVID is sewing up PACO's naked corpse. Suddenly, it opens its eyes and talks to him.

Paco: This is some fucked up way to make a living, you know that? So how was your day, man?

David: You don't wanna know.

Paco: You ever see sunlight? Or you gotta avoid it? You're checkin' out my dick.

David: I was not.

Paco: I'm just fuckin' with you, man.

Scene Nine: Fisher Front Hall

NATE opens the door and lets BRENDA in.

Nate: Uh--hi.

Brenda: (gives him a bottle of French champage, says the name) It's from my parents. They'll freak when they find out.

Nate: You're an hour early.

Brenda: Really?

Nate: Yeah.

Brenda: (entering and looking around) Not quite as Addams Family as I expected.

Nate: Dave and I used to play Addams Family when we were kids. I was usually Gomez. He was always Lurch.

Brenda: (looking at the flowers) Kitsch factor is substantial, hence your well-developed sense of irony, I suppose. It's hot in here.

Ruth: (coming downstairs) Do I hear voices?

Nate: Look who's early.

Brenda: It's a pleasure to see you again, Mrs. Fisher.

Ruth: I'm so glad you could make it, dear. (BRENDA gives her the bottle.) Champagne, how festive! Thank you. Excuse me, I'm knee-deep in marinara. I'll go chill this. Nate, go get Brenda a tour. (goes back up the stairs and leaves)

Brenda: She hates me.

Nate: Why do you say that?

Brenda: Because it's true. (They start to kiss and he pushes her off, gently) What's the matter? Afraid Mommy might see?

Nate: OK, OK, could we not turn tonight into Psych 101, because, trust me, we would never make it through the evening.

Brenda: Somebody's defensive. Nate, it doesn't matter whether your mother likes me or not. I don't care.

Scene Ten: Basement

Paco: (seeing the blue suit he will be dressed in) What's that shit? Oh, hell, no! No. How come you don't call your bone daddy? Still pissed at him, right? Yeah, I'm feeling you, man. What gives him the right to get up in your world? To be so fuckin'--

David: So fucking self-righteous.

Paco: That’s what I’m saying. You didn't call him nothing, but he went off on you. Yeah, I think he's got a problem with that stress-management shit. Hell, maybe he's one of them rageaholics. I mean, that boy went off.

David: I know. Just because some kid calls him a fag. It's so unnecessary.

Paco: But he called you a fag too.

David: So?

Paco: So what'd you do?

David: Nothing.

Paco: Mm-hmm. When Peter stood and warmed himself, they said therefore unto him, "Art thou one of his disciples?" He denied it and said, "I am not."

David: John 18:25.

Paco: No wonder he went off on you, man. You know? (now dressed in the suit) Hey, bury me naked, please.

Scene Eleven: Slumber Room

Brenda: It's a shame Diane Armis is dead. She could take some fucking great photographs in here. What's the matter with you today?

Nate: Nothing. I just have a lot on my mind. I don't wanna bore you with it.

Brenda: Thank you. Come here.

Nate: Why?

Brenda: Just do it. What's wrong?

Nate: Well, let's see. I'm about to become an undertaker and I'm scared to death of it. A huge corporation wants to put us out of business, and I'm worried my sister's not only a crackhead, she's arsonist.

Brenda: There's a lot of sadness in this house.

Nate: It's a funeral home.

Brenda: No wonder you ran away. You channel other people's pain, you know that, Nate?

Nate: My father called it a gift.

Brenda: It is a gift. (They start to kiss.)

Scene Twelve: Dining Room/Front Hall

RUTH enters the dining room and takes out a glass. She leaves the room and walks down the stairs, looking for NATE and BRENDA. She hears moaning coming from the slumber room and opens the door. She is horrified to see NATE going down on BRENDA. She screams and drops the glass, which shatters on the floor, and runs away.

Nate: Aaw! Oh, God! Oh, God!

Brenda: Guess dinner's ready.

Scene Thirteen: Dining Room

The whole family and BRENDA are eating dinner.

Claire: So what's it like to be interrogated? Did you flash your crotch like Sharon Stone in that movie?

Nate: Claire--

Brenda: They just keep asking you the same question different ways to trip you up.

Claire: That's cool. Was it fun? I bet it was kind of fun.

Brenda: Not really.

Claire: Do you think they're gonna want to interrogate me?

Ruth: No. Nate, will you say grace?

Nate: Uh, wouldn't David rather?

Ruth: Please.

Nate: (very fast) Thank you, O Lord, for our health and bounty through Christ, our Lord, amen.

Claire: (laughs) What are you, on crack?

Ruth: Squash?

David: Mom, Nate and I have been working on a business plan to figure out how we're gonna fend off Kroehner.

Ruth: Business plan? Your father never had a business plan.

Nate: Yeah, well that's part of the problem.

David: We'd like to go over it with you sometime.

Ruth: I don't need to see it. It's your business, not mine.

Claire: Is there sauce for the pasta?

Nate: I'll get it. (NATE goes to the kitchen.)

David: Brenda, what do you do for a living?

Ruth: She gives massages.

Brenda: Shiatsu.

Ruth: Now, what exactly is that?

Brenda: It's a Japanese bodywork technique that involves pressure to points on acupuncture meridians.

Ruth: Well, how interesting! Accupuncture! That's the pins, right?

Brenda: Yes, the pins.

NATE returns.

Ruth: So you stick pins in people?

Brenda: I use my thumbs, wrists, elbows, you know?

Ruth: So you stick your thumbs in people.

Brenda: No. At least not as part of my job.

CLAIRE laughs.

Ruth: I hope you stay for dessert.

David: It's peach cobbler.

Brenda: Yeah.

Scene Fourteen: Basement

DAVID gets PACO ready. PACO's ghost stands behind them.

Paco: This is a nice box. That Federico's a good salesman, huh?

David: I'll say. You know what the markup is on one of these?

Paco: 3200. Hey, can I get a night-light up in here? I don't like the dark.

David: Well, then, you shouldn't have gone and gotten yourself shot.

Paco: Shit. That's cold, man.

Ruth: (enters) Mr. Powerful and his entourage are here.

David: I'll be right there.

Ruth: Who are you talking to?

David: Myself.

Ruth: David, why did you stop going to church with me?

David: I've been going to a different church with a friend of mine.

Ruth: That cop? The black man?

Paco: Don't be a pussy.

David: Yes, Mom, that cop, the black man.

Ruth: Well...

RUTH leaves. DAVID and PACO do a hi-five with their fists.

Scene Fifteen: Slumber Room, Paco's Viewing

The room is full of people, family members, friends and gang members. Spanish music is playing in the background. We see Mr. and Mrs. BOLIN crying, and we see SYLVIE place a crucifix on PACO. DAVID stands near the casket with PACO's ghost.

Sylvie: I love you, Paco. Oh, God, no!

David: (to PACO) You alright?

Paco: I look like a fuckin' Bible salesman. I look like you! Man, what's up with this whack-ass music?

DAVID: (to FEDERICO, standing on his other side) I'm not sure about the music.

Federico: Yeah, it blows. What about the "Ave Maria"?

DAVID and PACO: Perfect.

CLAIRE walks downstairs, and sees LUIS, PACO's friend. She smiles at him and he approaches her. The "Ave Maria" begins to play.

Mrs. Bolin: Honey. God, no! No! (She cries.)

Mr. Bolin: No, no, no.

Mrs. BOLIN runs out, crying. Meanwhile, CLAIRE goes down to the basement with LUIS.

Scene Sixteen: Basement

CLAIRE and LUIS smoke pot.

Luis: It's like a mad scientist lab in here. How can you live here?

Claire: Better than a Turkish prison. Most days. (She inhales and begins to choke, exhales) Jesus.

Luis: Toldja.

Claire: Did you ever kill anybody?

Luis: I don't know. Shot at a few.

Claire: Everybody thinks I burned down this house across the street.

Luis: Did you?

Claire: What do you think? What's it like, to shoot a gun?

Luis: You wanna try sometime? Come down to my neighborhood, be down.

Claire: Are you serious? Cause I will.

Luis: You're some kind of tough little bitch, huh? (grabs her arm) You didn't hear your road dog calling for help on your machine. You ain't gonna spend the rest of your goddamned life wondering why you didn't pick up the phone the first fucking time it rang.

Claire: You're hurting me.

Luis: You don't know shit, little girl. Don't waste my time.

Scene Seventeen: Slumber Room

One of PACO's friends is showing DAVID his tattoos.

Paco's Friend: This one right here is my first one. After that, man, shit, I mean I got me this one right there. When I got jumped in. Check it out.

David: That's very intricate.

Paco's Friend: Yeah, and this one. This one took me three weeks to heal. Watch out. That's the shit, huh?

PACO makes a face behind him. Suddenly, TRACY enters.

David: Can I help you?

Tracy: Hi, it's so good to see you again. How have you been?

David: Fine.

Tracy: So sad. I read about Manuel's death in the Times and I just had to pay my respects. Oh, it's heartbreaking. The riots. I mean, the uprising was supposed to increase the peace, and all we have is more dead children.

David: Did you know him?

Tracy: Oh, I feel I know all these innocent victims.

David: This is not a good time. If you'd like to forward a card to the family--

Trace: Maybe I could just stay for a few minutes--(DAVID starts to lead her out the door.) A card, I'll do that.

Standing outside, TRACY gives a strange look. She takes out a folded up newspaper and looks at the obituary page. She crosses out PACO's name, and circles another, "Jay Hinkle." Presumably, she goes off to attend this funeral now.

Scene Eighteen: Room Behind the Curtain

Mrs. Bolin: You should have seen my baby. So happy, such a smile that could break your heart. What kind of God lets a baby like that get caught up in all that shit? Drugs, guns, death.

Nate: Mrs. Bolin, I'm not gonna tell you that it's all gonna be OK, but it just takes time. This is as bad as it gets.

Mrs. Bolin: I have nothing to live for.

Nate: You have your husband. You have you. You have the memory of that little baby. You've got to keep that alive. My father died on Christmas Eve. And there's so much I never said, never knew about him, but he's a part of me, and Manny will always be a part of you.

Mrs. Bolin: Why didn't God take me instead of my boy?

Nate: I don't know.

Scene Nineteen: Slumber Room

Paco: You gotta apologize to your boy, Keith. Otherwise you just a born bitch.

David: You're speaking like this at your funeral?

Paco: Damn straight. I'll say whatever I goddamned please. And I've been to a ton of funerals. You see one, you see them all. Even mine.

David: No gunfire. No fights.

Paco: No Sharks. No Jets. Just like any other funeral. You let down, huh?

David: A little.

Scene Twenty: Front Hall

Ruth: A Detective McBride just called. They made a determination of the house fire. They termed it "cause unknown."

Nate: So they ruled out arson.

Ruth: No. They just can't tell. Either way, the case is closed.

Nate: Which doesn't rule out the possibility that Claire set that fire.

Ruth: She didn't do that, Nate.

Nate: Well, what if she did, Mom? Pretending it didn't happen's not gonna help. I'm sorry about last night with Brenda. (no response) When you walked in on us.

Ruth: I know what you're talking about.

CLAIRE walks in from downstairs.

Nate: Where have you been?

Claire: None of your business. When did this become a police state?

Nate & Ruth they both give her the same, weird stare.

Claire: (laughs) I need an altoid.

She goes up the stairs.

Act Two

Scene One: St. Stephen's Church

DAVID and KEITH are at their church, listening to the sermon. A female, lesbian minister is giving a sermon.

Minister: The original sin wasn't eating the apple. It wasn't questioning authority. It was not giving God the chance to give his side of the argument. It was just taking the serpent’s word as Gospel. It was not going back to God and saying: "Hey, what gives? He said you're lying to us." It was just assuming that God lies.

Scene Two: Outside St. Stephen's, after services

David: I'm sorry about the other day. Aren't you gonna say, (doing an impression of KEITH) "Hey, man, I'm sorry, too, for revealing my dormant psycho side, and scaring the shit out of you"?

Keith: Nuh uh. Nuh uh.

David: Do you really think I hate myself?

Minister: (walking by) Good to see you, David.

Keith: I know where you are. I was there, and I'll wait for you, because I love you, but I'm not moving backwards for anybody.

David: I'm not asking you to move backwards. I'm just asking you to be patient and a little calmer.

Keith: Do you have any idea what I put up with on my job everyday? How many times the word "fag" has been written on my locker? How many times I wonder going into a dangerous situation if I'm even going to get backup? We were stepped on yesterday, David, and I did something about it, because I am tired of it. When you get tired of it, you let me know.

Scene Three: Brenda's Bedroom

NATE wakes up in bed. BRENDA is sitting by the window.

Nate: Morning.

Brenda: Hi. You think I should make a peace offering to your mother?

Nate: No, it'll just make things worse. I brought it up yesterday, she nearly bit my head off.

Brenda: Oh, Jesus. No accident you guys are undertakers: you take every fucking feeling you have, put it in a box, and bury it.

Nate: Better that than examine every fucking moment until all of the joy is drained out of it. Come here.

Brenda: No.

Nate: Just do it.

Brenda: Sex does not solve anything, Nate.

Scene Four: Fisher House, TV Room

CLAIRE is watching "The Partridge Family," when NATE walks in and sits down next to her.

Nate: Claire, are you OK?

Claire: No.

Nate: Do you wanna talk about it?

Claire: Sure. My pimp's threatening to beat me up, because I can't turn enough tricks. What's worse is, he's threatening to take away my smack. Hell. (laughs.)

Nate: Why do you always have to be such a bitch?

Claire: Why do you always have to naturally assume I'm in trouble? Like you guys are such shining examples? (She gets up and leaves.)

Scene Five: Sitting Room, Fisher House

David: Kroehner is going to keep strong-arming our suppliers, undercutting us, stealing funerals. We're never gonna be able to compete in terms of size and market presence.

Nate: Where we can compete is quality of service, integrity. We'll give them the human touch.

Ruth: It all sounds good. Is this over?

Nate: Well, we have to get our message out there. We're gonna have to market and promote.

David: Replace outmoded equipment and install computers.

Ruth: Fine.

Nate: Now, in order to make this all work, we'll need a significant financial investment.

Ruth: How much?

David: 93,000.

Ruth: You want me to give you $93,000 from your father's life insurance?

David: Nobody else is going to do it. We're still paying off a bank note Dad took out years ago.

Nate: We hate to ask, Mom, but we're desperate.

David: Of course, you're not obligated.

Ruth: I know that. When do you need it?

Nate: Are you sure, Mom?

Ruth: But it's not a loan. I'm now an investor in Fisher & Sons. We'll establish a fair percentage of equity and rate of return. I could invest in either my boys or tech stocks. Anything's better than the track. David, I'd like it if you'd come with me to church every once in a while, now that your father's gone. I shouldn't have to go alone.

David: Uh--OK. (She leaves.)

Nate: Well, that was weird.

David: It gets weirder. There was a message on my machine from Gilardi. He wants to meet with us. Today.

Scene Six: Fisher House

DAVID stands in front of a mirror, getting ready for the meeting. PACO appears.

Paco: Hey, dog. Gettin' ready to throw some blows?

David: If you were me, Paco, what would you say to Gilardi? What would you do?

Paco: If I was you? Shit, if I was you, I wouldn't own a fuckin' funeral home. But, aw-ight, aw-ight. Let's say, I’m doin' my thing, sellin' my shit, and some punk-ass tries to clock me for my corner. You know what I'd say? (violently grabs DAVID by the throat) I'd say, "Hear this, motherfucker. If I ever clock you near me, my corner or my shit, I'll cut your fuckin' stomach, watch your guts spill out, and I'll let you live till you slowly bleed to death in front of your fuckin' kids." (he lets DAVID go. DAVID is out of breath and terrified) Feel your heart racin'? Cause when the other guy feels like that, you won. Come on, David. You've gotta stand up. You gotta step up.

David: Hey, you stepped up. Look what happened to you.

Paco: That's right. For 20 years, I lived my life like a man. When are you gonna start?

Scene Seven: Restaurant

NATE and DAVID are sitting across from GILARDI, having lunch.

Nate: You lowered your offer.

Gilardi: What can I say? The market fluctuates.

Nate: Thanks, but we don't see a need to align ourselves with Kroehner right now.

Gilardi: OK. I'll make it simple: you either accept our offer by the end of the day, or I'll make it my personal mission to bury you by the end of the month. David, you in on this suicide mission?

DAVID gives no comment, but just stares angrily at him.

Nate: David?

David: You just threatened my family.

Gilardi: Let's not be melodramatic.

David: What do you expect us to do? Run and hide? Sell and be grateful? Pack up and move?

Gilardi: If you're smart.

David: You have the entire Kroehner organization behind you, and what do we have? You. Because one day, when your mind isn't on Fisher & Sons, I will find you or someone you love... (GILARDI laughs at first, but during the following speech, slowly becomes more and more scared.) I'm not saying anyone's gonna die. There are tragedies far worse than death. Things you couldn't even dream of, you spineless candy-ass corporate fuck. Just give me a reason. (GILARDI looks shocked.) It's your decision. Are we really worth the trouble, Mr. Gilardi? Lunch is over. Get lost.

GILARDI just sits there.

Nate: Are you deaf?

GILARDI gets up and leaves very fast.

Nate: What the fuck was that?

DAVID's cool exterior completely collapses. He is himself again.

David: I think I'm gonna throw up.

Scene Eight: Fisher House, Front Porch

RUTH answers the door. It is BRENDA, holding a wrapped gift for her.

Brenda: Hi. (gives gift to RUTH) I hope you like fancy bath stuff. I went a little crazy at the Beverly Center.

RUTH smells the gift and smiles, cautiously.

Ruth: Thank you. This wasn't necessary.

Brenda: Yes, it was. I'm afraid you might not have seen me in my best light the other night.

Ruth: I saw more of you than I care to.

Brenda: (laughs) OK, uh. Look. I'm not a very traditional person and I don't really know what's happening between me and Nate, but every once in a while, I get a glimpse that things may be working out for us, and I--I'm really sorry about what happened.

Ruth: Be careful with him. He's a lot more fragile than he'd like to think.

Brenda: Aren't we all?

Ruth: Well, thank you.

Brenda: My pleasure.

Scene Nine: Outside the Slumber Room

POWERFUL enters and walks up to FEDERICO.

Powerful: The Fishers around?

Federico: You mean David?

Powerful: All of them. You too.

Federico: OK. Just tell me what you're unhappy with.

Powerful: Just get them, alright?

FEDERICO goes to get them.

Scene Ten: Slumber Room

All of the Fishers and FEDERICO enter, to see all of PACO's friends and family, including the gang members, standing in a circle, clasping hands. PACO follows them.

Mrs. Bolin: Would you join us?

The Fishers and FEDERICO join hands with them.

Powerful: Merciful Jesus, please bring rest and peace to our fallen brother, son, friend, Manuel Paco Bolin. May he live with you forever in your light and truth, Almighty Father. Amen.

All: Amen.

Powerful: We also want to thank the Fishers who lost a father and husband. The Lord bring peace to them in their grief as you have in ours.

The circle breaks, and the men go to pick up the coffin. PACO has a tear or two in his eyes. DAVID is holding his hand.

Paco: Alright, let go of me, you fuckin' fag. I gots to go.

David: Jesus, you're just a kid.

Paco: So are you. (PACO follows the funeral procession out the door.) Hey, David, don't be a bitch.

Act Three

Scene One: Bowling Alley

DAVID is throwing the bowling ball down the alley. KEITH is keeping score. DAVID gets a strike.

Keith: Shit, now I know why you wanna go bowling instead of seeing a movie.

David: I was All-State Champion in the Youth for Christ Bowling League when I was 17.

Keith: You're gonna beat the pants off me.

David: (sitting down next to him) That's my intent.

Keith: I've got a college degree and I still can't figure out how this scoring works.

Two guys walk up to DAVID and KEITH.

Guy: Hey, you fellas together?

DAVID moves in closer to KEITH.

David: Yeah. We are.

Guy: That's cool.

DAVID and KEITH smile.

Scene Two: Brenda's House

NATE opens the front door and enters.

Nate: Hey, Bren, the door's unlocked. Brenda?

Brenda: I'm in the bedroom.

Nate: I'm just here delivering a pizza, ma'am. I don't want any trouble.

Brenda: I've got your tip right here.

NATE opens the door of BRENDA's bedroom. She is lying on the bed in lingerie, and many burning candles are lined around the bed.

Nate: Whoa.

Brenda: Where's my pizza?

Nate: Mom asked me to tell you that the lavender bath scrub was simply delicious.

Brenda: She's not supposed to eat it.

BRENDA pulls off his belt.

Nate: What's with all the candles?

Brenda: (quoting Madonna) “I'm burning up. Burning up for your love.”

They kiss, but suddenly NATE pulls away and gives her a weird look. He looks at the candles.

Brenda: What?

NATE has a flashback of the fire in the Fritzen house.

Brenda: What?

NATE has a flashback of when he first saw Brenda’s "Nathaniel" tattoo.

Nate: Well, you obviously liked some guy enough to have his name burned in your flesh.

Brenda: I would have done a lot more than that for him.

NATE continues to stare.

Brenda: What's up with you?

Nate: I, uh, I just had a really weird day.

Brenda: Oh--Poor baby.

They start to make out and proceed to undress.

Scene Three: Fisher Front Hall

RUTH stands in the hallway, holding a laundry basket. CLAIRE enters.

Claire: Mom, are you OK?

Ruth: Fine. Can I ask you something? And you promise to tell me the truth?

Claire: Maybe.

Ruth: Did you set that fire?

Claire: No. No. I would never do anything like that. I may have swiped that foot, though.

RUTH nods.

Ruth: Dinner's almost ready.

RUTH watches as CLAIRE goes up the stairs.

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